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Breath Rx Fresh Breath System

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I first got this from my mother in law who had gotten it from somewhere and didn't know what it was... I didn't read anything about it before I used it ...I figured it was toothpaste. Later, after reading the tube, I realized it had other benefits.


Sodium Fluoride. It also says on the front of the tube that it contains ZYTEX for Fresh Breath. The tube also says that it is tartar controlling.It also aids in the prevention of oral decay.


It says to consult an oral physician for children under the age of 2.


I was surprised that I got the results that I did !I am a heavy coffee drinker so my teeth over the years have gotten dingy/ stainy..kinda yellow.( I know..sounds gross! but it happens!)

With other toothpastes I noticed ( only after using this one) that my mouth felt unclean after just a couple hours, you know..that furry feeling!

This breathrx leaves a really clean smooth feeling on your teeth all day! and the breath freshening part works well for hours.

Its a blue kind of gel looking paste, cleans really well has very cool, refreshing minty taste.It doesn't foam to much and you don't have to use a lot. It is also NOT at all gritty.

I started using the Breathrx toothpaste a few months ago (twice a day). I noticed about 2-3weeks after first starting to use it that my teeth looked brighter and a lot less yellow...I believe by 2 shades.

Best of all my husband noticed ( just yesterday) that my teeth were whiter!

I NEVER have that furry feeling on my teeth and my breath does stay fresh for long periods of time! even when I wake up in the morning...the "morning breath" is not bad.

It is a little expensive for toothpaste, I believe I saw it in Walmart for around $8-9 dollars for a 4oz tube but I feel it's worth it.

I really like this toothpaste and got good results. I wouldn't use anything else now!