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Brentwood Originals Blackout Suede Window Curtain

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I work the night shift at work, starting at 5:30pm and working until 5:30am. So on the days that I work I pretty much sleep when it's light out. When I first went to nights I went months without having any window coverings besides the standard blinds that came with my apartment. Needless to say those did not block out the sun at all, so most of the time I either woke up with a headache from squinting in my sleep from the brightness, or I hardly got any sleep at all. I am the type of person that needs almost complete darkness to sleep, so I pretty much lived for the days I had off and I could revert back to a normal schedule.

Well I finally got myself to Linens & Things to look for some window coverings to help with the sunlight. I came across the Brentwood Originals Blackout Suede Window Curtains. Now I know nothing about curtains so I had to go with what the package told me the curtains did. These supposedly were made of a heavy duty polyester that was designed to keep the light out and the heat in. I have three windows in my bedroom so I knew I needed three of them, but looking at the price I was a little iffy about purchasing these. After walking around the rest of the window coverings section I finally came back to these. I picked out three in the color I wanted and figured the money would be worth it if they worked. And hey, if they didn't I could always bring them back (I made sure to confirm this fact when I checked out).

As soon as I got home I went into my bedroom and began setting up the curtains. As soon as I put up just one curtain it immediatly got a little darker in my room. When I put up the final two curtains I let out a big sign of relief and collapsed onto my bed. It was the middle of the day and I was in a dark, quiet heaven. These curtains helped out so unbelievably much I couldn't believe it.

Thanks to the curtains I can now sleep no matter what time of day it is or how bright it is outside. It is wonderful. Now if only I can find a solution for the pesky lawn mower guys that make so much noise Wednesday and Thursday mornings!