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Bridge To Terabithia: 'Breezy's Review Interview'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This wonderful movie is my daughter Harmony Breeze's favorite. I had to hunt down the movie and the poster after she got to see the rental. This movie has played at least 25 times in the last month, with a higher number most likely. It is, for her to tell, in this one of a kind interview, review.

When I ask her what the movie is about, this is the response I get: "Its about a magical land with lots' of creatures and giants too! Theres a girl named Leslie, her real name is Anna Sophia Robb, and her friend named Jess! And it's about: They go to school together, and do music, and go to a magical land after school."

When I ask her the name of the magical land and to describe it, she replies: "Terabithia! It has scroggers(squogers)(?), and Hairy Vultures, a Giant Troll, and the dark master. He is the evilest, meanest guy that captures people in his tower."

When I ask about content, of course she replies with a sad look: "Leslie dies when the rope breaks and she drowns in the creek. She tried to go to Terabithia, and the rope that they use to get to the other side broke. Jess didn't know because he went to the museum with his teacher, and when he got back, he was sad, to find his friend died. He made a picture of Leslie, put it on a little boat, and he squeezed all his purple and yellow paint in the water. He built a bridge for his little sister, so she could play in Terabithia and be the Princess. He becomes the King!"

Wow, I think she did well for her first review. It's gonna run in the family!

I have seen the movie enough times to add my own review. The story is about a new girl, who comes into the community from another school. Jess is the young boy, who is a young man with a father that is stern. He doesn't imagine things much, but he likes to draw, and keep it private.

As he meets Leslie, they become best friends, and she opens his eyes to the world of make believe. She shows him a place, on the other side of a dangerous stream, that she calls Terabithia. The rope hanging on a tree is the only access that they have to Terabithia. Numerouse times, Leslie takes Jess to this place of make believe and shows him imaginary creatures that he now can see (once he opened his eyes).

As the movie moves along, Jess sort of falls for his teacher, who is his music teacher as well as Leslies' teacher. Though he really likes Leslie, he has a teachers crush on you know who.

One day, the teacher asks Jess to go out of town to the museum. He had made previous plans to meet Leslie at the rope, so that they could spend the day in Terabithia. He doesn't invite Leslie, and when he doesn't show up, she attempts to swing across on her own and drowns when the rope breaks.

After the sadness, Jess's little sister has a close call with death trying to get to Terabithia. She gets stuck on a fallen tree and almost falls in her attempt to cross. Jess just so happens to come along and save her. Jess decides to build his sister a bridge so that she can cross without danger. He crowns her Princess and himself gets crowned the King.

Now the story ends with a song by Anna Sophia Robb. This is a beautiful song that Breezy has been practicing. She is going to sing this song at the school talent show, She is doing great!

She was really excited when I asked the family what my 50th review should be about. This movie is so good, that I decided that it was worthy of my milestone celebration. This wonderful story about imagination is a very inspiring movie for young girls her age. It deals with the subject of death, and safety in such a fashion that I was very pleased to allow my daughter to watch this awesome Disney movie. I give this one a 10!

Though this review is not edited in the interview, and some words aren't quite what I would write, I felt that it was only fair to allow the 'Bridge To Terabithia's greatest fan to speak out. She says "It's the best!"

I recomend this for the family as a whole, and especially for 7 year olds!