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Bring Back The Original

Reviewing: Hasbro Easy Bake Oven  |  Rating:
Tanya Pecora By Tanya Pecora on
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I had an easy bake oven when I was growing up and I loved it! When my daughter asked for one for Christmas I envisioned us making little cakes and sweet memories together.

My Mother-in-Law went out and bought her a new Easy Bake Oven for Christmas. Christmas morning when she opened it up, she was so excited! The first thing I noticed was the change in design. I am guessing a few too many children burnt themsleves on the metal rack of the old school design. The "New and Improved" design, rather than being an oven, now resembles a microwave, except the door doesn't open (???). Instead there is a hole on either side of the "oven" that you slide the cake in and out of. Wierd. And messy! They should have stuck to the old design. This new Easy Bake is horrible! I hate it! The cakes didn't cook in the allotted time but you can't tell, because you can't see them! It is awkward, awkward, awkward! It doesn't even feel like an oven.


• Cute

• Cakes are cute

• That's about it. Did I mention I hate the new Design?


• Design

• Cost of cake mixes are atrocious

• Can't watch cakes as the bake

• Door doesn't open

• Time, takes 20 minutes per cake, sometimes more. I found the cakes didn't cook in the allotted time

• Does not come with a lightbulb. Seriously! At least include a stinkin' lightbulb! (we had a very dissappointed little girl who couldn't use her new Easy Bake on Christmas Day!)

• Cake sticks to the pan, even when sprayed with PAM


This new design pales in comparison to the Easy Bake Oven of my youth. My daughter still enjoys it, but it is a royal pain in the butt! She also gets upset when we pull the cake out and it's not cooked. Did I mention I hate the new design?

(BTW there is no picture because I don't want to drag it out and have DD see it. She's home sick today and I don't want to spend the whole day Easy Baking!)