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Bringing The N Gage Into The Warzone

Reviewing: Nokia Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm  |  Rating:
Cameron Eittreim By Cameron Eittreim on
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The Nokia N-gage really didn't impress me with it's games at launch. But I did buy one because I was curious about how Nokia could hang with the big boys Nintendo and Sony. Well, I bought Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm today and I'm honestly not really impressed.

First off I will talk about the graphics in Ghost Recon. The graphics are very blocky and mashed up, you will be confronted with loads of envioment tears. However the rest of the graphics are decent, the vehicles are very good looking, the trees have nice textures, and the builds almost look realistic. The game doesn't slow down when you are zooming in on people or when you are in a battle. I think the graphics are better then most 3D gameboy advance shooters like Doom.

The controls in Ghost Recon are complicated on the N-Gage because you use the number pad instead of using a control pad like on the GBA or PSP. You move with the joypad instead of a crosspad like on the gameboy. The Joypad is very smooth to walk around with and you never get stuck. After about an hour you will get use to using the number pad.

The Gameplay in Ghost Recon is very straightforward, you basically follow a green arrow through you missions. A real let down is the fact that most of the levels end too quick, and there are loads of enemies and quick attacks. You will almost cetainly be on edge when you are playing Ghost Recon.

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm is one of the best N-gage games on the market. If you own a Nokia N-Gage or you want to buy one you should definatly have this game on your wishlist.