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Brisingr is 3rd in the series of Eragon and Eldest (The Inheritance Cycle) written by Christopher Paolini. The word "Brisingr" means fire in the ancient language in the fictional world of Alagaesia. The novels focus on a young adult named Eragon and his dragon Saphira as he becomes one of the few remaining Dragon Riders that were once legendary, but then killed off by the evil Galbatorix as revenge. After Galbatorix had killed all the Dragon Riders, he claimed the throne to Alagaesia and ruled the empire. As Eragon begins his journey toward defeating the empire, the empire is searching for him and his dragon to be captured.

This book is a interesting book, it follows on from the story of Eldest. (SPOILERS) Brisingr itself is based upon Eragon going throughout Alagaesia and searching for a Riders Sword in which he needs in order to defeat Galbatorix. After Eragon makes the sword himself, he then names it Brisingr which is the sole purpose of the book name.

Overall i think that Brisingr by itself is a 8/10 but with the other Inheritance Cycles, it is a 9.5/10.