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Brita Filtered Water Pitcher Great Savings

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Stop and think about how many bottles of water you drink each week. Now, stop and think about how many bottles of water your entire family unit drinks each week. These bottles end up being recycled and some even end up in the landfills. Bottled water can be expensive. Many of the bottled water brands have additives as well. Now you can enjoy the fresh taste of bottled water and have the pure water taste with the Brita Classic Pitcher. The Brita Classic Pitcher filters water for you so that you have bottled water and pure water quality right from your tap and your refrigerator.

Easy to Use

The Brita Classic Pitcher is very easy to use. You simply rinse the filter to make certain that all the charcoal dust is out of it. Then fill the top of the Brita Classic Pitcher and watch your water trickle through the filter and become clean and pure. You simply keep filling the top of the Brita Classic Pitcher until the pitcher is full of nice and filtered water.

You can cover your pitcher and set it in the refrigerator or leave it on the kitchen counter. My teens like to fill their water bottles for school with the filtered water from the Brita Classic Pitcher. It's that simple to use and that convenient to have on hand.


The Brita Classic Pitcher filters water extremely well. You will be amazed at the amount of grit and grime that is in your tap water. If you stop and smell the tap water from your faucet and then smell bottled water, you will notice a significant difference. There is sediment and other chemicals in your tap water that are filtered out with bottled water. Instead of spending tons of money on bottled water, you can have the same great taste and quality of water with the Brita Classic Pitcher.

One of the filters for the Brita Classic Pitcher will filter and clean around 40 gallons of tap water. This means that the filters last a long time, even if your family has a lot of water drinkers. You can find replacement filters easily and the cost is not that much.


You can find the Brita Classic Pitcher at general stores, drug stores and health stores. The price for the Brita Classic Pitcher runs around fifteen dollars. I like to use two in our home because we do drink a lot of water. The Brita Classic Pitcher makes water taste great and virtually odor free. Since it is so affordable, I encourage all the family members to fill up their water bottles and even make my coffee and tea with the Brita Classic Pitcher water.