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Brita For Sparkling Clean Water

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We love our Brita Water Filter Pitcher. It gives us cold sparkling clean tasting water which is always ready to refresh us whenever we need it.

Specifics of our pitcher are:

Model: The design of our pitcher is called Vintage and there are over a dozen pitcher designs to choose from.

Capacity = 10 (8 oz. glasses of water)

Electronic filter change indicator

Flip-top lid for easy refilling

Soft grey grip for comfort with lifting and pouring.

Benefits of using filtered water:

**Much cheaper than purchasing bottled water as you don't have a ton of empty plastic bottles to throw away or recycle. Why buy purified water when you can just as easily do it at home and save money. When calculating what we spent on bottled water versus buying this pitcher and filters for one year our savings were just over $400.00.

**Reduces the taste and smell of chlorine (this is especially bad in our area when the water has set for only just a few minutes). Copper, Cadnium and Mercury can also cause many problems with drinking water due to plumbing problems, corrosion in galvanized pipes or runoff from a landfill. Since we live within a mile of a closed landfill which is still burning off methane gas, this just added to our decision to go with the Brita water filtering system with this pitcher.

We've been using this pitcher for several years and find it very simple to use, easy to refill with tap water, and changing the filters is a quick job every couple of months. Every filter replaces 300 bottles of water (16.9 oz size).

Setting up the water pitcher was pretty easy the first time. Remove the filter from the bag with clean hands and soak upright in cold water for about 15 minutes. Make sure to handwash the pitcher, lid and reservoir before the first use and we normally do this each time we change the filter. When the filter has soaked the 15 minutes, run it under your tap water and then insert it into the reservoir by lining up the groove in the filter with the notch in the reservoir. Now just fill your reservoir with cold tap water, do this twice dumping the water each time. Then fill again and you're ready to go. When you need to refill the pitcher make sure to pour the tap water on the side of the reservoir and not on top of the filter (see picture).

The electronic filter change indicator will automatically tell you when you need to change the filter. There are 4 bars and when the last has dissappeared an arrow will flash. As you can see from one of my pictures ( zoom in) our indicator shows one bar remaining or 25% so we will replacing this filter before too long.

When we first purchased our Brita pitcher it came with two filters. When you need to buy more they can be found at any major chain store such as Costo, CVS, KMart, Lowe's, Meijers, Target, Wallmart, etc. You can purchase them in convenient size packages from a one pack to a six pack to fit your budget, depending on the price, if they are on sale or you have a coupon!

There is a recycling program for the filters that can be found on Brita's website. The warranty for the Brita pitcher model is 100% unconditional money back for 30 days, then there is a 90 day limited warranty from day of purchase. We've had our pitcher for several years and have not had a problem.

We love the way the water tastes and find it so refreshing. We probably refill the pitcher twice a day between the two of us. My daughter down in Florida has the large refrigerator unit and just loves hers. It's a little heavier when filling it with water but she just takes her glass to the fridge and opens the spout and the water pours right into her glass.

If you drink a lot of water or buy a lot of bottled water, try this instead. You will save a lot of money, know that it is healthier for you, and if you're like us, you'll never go back to tap water!!