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Brita Pitcher Water Filtration System

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I don't know why I hadn't bought one of these Brita pitchers before. My sister uses hers all the time. Since I am eating healthier now, I also wanted to be sure my water is as pure as it can be.

I am very much against purchasing plastic bottles of water. Our earth is littered with these plastic bottles. They are everywhere. It seems Americans are addicted to plastic bottles of water. I never understood why anyone would buy something they could get for free, but I will admit, there was a time I used to buy plastic bottles of water at school. I am trying to change my habits and help take care of our planet, but at the same time, I realize water has some nasty chemicals I do not want to injest.

I purchased this Brita Water Filtration System. It holds six 8-ounce glasses of water. I keep this pitcher in the fridge so I always have cold water. When I am on the go, I simply pour the water from my Brita pitcher into my sport bottle.

This unit is easy to use and was not expensive. It comes with the plastic pitcher unit and a filter. You do need to replace the filter every so often, but it is still better than purchasing plastic bottles and it is more economical.

When you first buy this pitcher, you need to break in the filter. You put the pitcher together according to the directions. Then you fill the pitcher with water and pour this out into the sink. Then you repeat this step. This removes the excess charcoal from the filter. Once this is done, your new Brita pitcher is ready to use.

I find the pitcher is sturdy and attractive. I am happy with my Brita Classic Pitcher Water Filtration System. I do wish the filters were not so expensive though.