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Brokeback Weeder? Nope!

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jayjay1113 By jayjay1113 on
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Since pesticides will be banned in our city starting next year, I decided to get a jump start on the ban by not applying pesticides this year. Yes, my husband and I have decided to take our lawn care into our own hands this year instead of paying a lawn service - what were we thinking! Anyhow, amongst the many things we've bought this summer for our lawn we also purchased a Fiskars Stand-up Weeder.

Basically you place the prongs of the stand-up weeder over the root of the weed. Then, you step on the lever and push down hard. Then you twist the handle and pull hard. Out pops the weed! You could even put the pulled weed directly into the brown paper lawn bag without having to bend or touch the weed. Just push the orange handle to release the weed into the bag.


Environmentally friendly weed control. With all of the dangers pesticides cause for children (and adults), we were looking for a 'green' alternative to weed control. The stand-up weeder not only delivers but excels in that it pulls weeds out by the roots without the use of chemicals. A major pro is that you do not have to bend so no backache when you're done! There is also a 25-year warranty with Fiskars.


The instructions on how to use the weeder is not written very well. Even the accompanying illustration is confusing! This is possibly due to the fact that there is very little packaging on the stand-up weeder so whoever had to write the instructions had a really small space to deal with. Not knowing how to properly use the stand-up weeder is a big problem as you WILL end up hurting your back. According to the clerk in the Garden Centre at Home Depot, this is a popular weeder and hopefully you'll have a kind neighbour (that has one too!) that can show you how to use it like I did!

Once you get the hang of using the stand-up weeder, it's smooth sailing! This tool not only allows you to pull weeds directly from the roots but weed your whole lawn with no strain to your back! I recommend the stand-up weeder to everyone looking for a pain-free, non-chemical alternative to weed control.