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Bronchofen: Decongestant Antihistamine For Infants

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When my baby got sick, my mother bought her a bottle of Bronchofen Decongestant/Antihistamine for Infants and young children. I checked with my doctor but she said that it would dry up the mucus and phlegm and will make it difficult for baby to expectorate phlegm. But my mother was insistent and to save myself from argument, I gave my baby one dose.

True enough, her mucus and phlegm was dried up. But then, she had the worst coughing ever because it was really difficult for her. She must be feeling the phlegm but she could not cought it up. She would turn red and tears would roll down her eyes while coughing. What a pity sight she was!

We had to give her something to soften the mucus again and make it easy for her to expectorate. Oh my goodness! I hope that after this my mother would stop playing doctor to my baby.

Anyway, taste wise, Bronchofen would be easily administered because it tastes like grape juice and smells like it, too.

Regarding side effects, its most obvious is drowsiness. My baby fell asleep in 30 minutes after taking 1 dose, although she was trying hard to fight it as she had only awake about 2 hours before that. But at least, she slept for 3 hours and I got to rest too.

I think this medicine is good for older children who will be able to explain what they need, and not to babies who do not even know how to let out their phlegm.

It is cheap at $1.50 per 15 ml bottle.

Its active ingredients are Phenylphrine HCl and Chlorpheniramine Maleate, which I believe are very powerful because in just 1 dose, mucus dried up and my baby slept well. That is why I gave it a 4. It is effective, but it made my baby feel worse.