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Brother In Arms Road To Hill 30 Pc

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By simon on
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Brother in Arms, is one of those games that when you first see it you are like, oh not another first person shooter set in WWII, as another rip off of Call of Duty and so on, but it really isn't. It has a feel about it that all the others don't. It has the most realistic and intense battles, with brilliant graphics even on a standard computer. I don't know what it is but the game feels like it has another feel or aspect that the Call of Duty's and Full Spectrem Warriors don't. It also has a quite long, but also varied campaign which is awesome so that you don't get bored doing the same sort of things over and over again. Another awesome factor of the game, is the ability to command your soldiers, which makes it even more realistic. Although it does lack somewhat of a cooperation between the AI players as they sometimes do silly things or act as in stupid ways. Brothers in Arms is an awesome WWII shooter, that matches and if not beats the Call of Duty's and Full Spectrem Warriors in some aspects of play.