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Brother Ql 570 Label Printer

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By Christopher Wilder on
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The Brother QL-570 Label Printer is a very small, comact, versatile label printer! It makes everything you print seem professional! I purchased it, mainly for the reason of printing shipping labels on eBay, but, now I use it even more than I thought I would! This same printer retails at Staple and Office Depot for $99.99. I got it on sale at Buy.com for only 34.95! I thought to myself, "What a great deal!"

I also use it for my small business, on the side! It used any of the "DK" Brother Label roll series. These label rolls are fairly cheap, and you get a lot of them for the price you pay! I found the labels for this printer, cheapest on Amazon.com.

This label printer is fairly fast, although, when you print multiple items on "High Quality" mode, sometimes it stops in the middle of printing something, and it just has to think, but it has NEVER messed up any of my prining, neither wasted any of my labels!

I also like the fact that it has a tray at the bottom, which slides out, and catches anything you print! I did not notice this feature at first. I noticed it a few days after I bought it, Because I thought to myself, "Why would they have the paper just go everywhere?". So I was curious to see if Ijust missed something, and... I DID!

Also, I like the buttons on the fron for"feed" and "cut". with these buttons, you can manually feed out some paper, then cut it, all manually!

The only small thing that I was disappointed in, was that it is USb only. It is not network ready. But, I did know this before buying, and it was not a problem. I just figured I would mention this in my review.

Also, I absolutely LOVE the printing software that comes with the printer! You can edit all tyoes of things on this software! You can even make the words have "bubbles" around the words!

I also like the act that you can also print images! They are in black and white, but that's better than nothing! Now, remember, this is a THERMAL printer, and it uses THERMAL paper rolls, so you are unable to print anything in color on this machine. It is ok, though, if you don't need to print in color on labels. Another advantage of thermal printers, is that they don't have any ink to replace! They just apply heat to the paper to transfer the image from your computer to the printer!

To sum it up, I would DEFINITELY recommend this printer!