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Brown Leather Sectional Sofa W Recliners

Reviewing: Lane Studded Distressed Dark Brown Cuir Leather Sectional With Detached Recliners  |  Rating:
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My husband and I decided that we wanted new furniture for our den. At the time, my husband was suffering from major allergies and during our remodeling of our home, we rid ourselves of almost all textiles. The only fibers left were some very sheer window coverings that could be washed once a week and our bed linen was in layers so that it could be washed the same way. No thick comforters or thick draperies. And only a few rugs over hardwood. It can get kind of cold in our house! Needless to say, I have a lot of blankets I keep around. But we can get it cleaner than a hospital.

So, when picking furniture for the den, we decided we would like brown leather despite having two cats and three corgis who spend nights inside with us. We shopped around online to get an idea of what the prices were and then headed out to Chattanooga as it has a lot of large furniture stores. After visiting a few new ones, we ended up at Kinder's Furniture Mall where we have bought dining room and bedroom sets before and we have always been pleased with their merchandise. Of course, it always pays for you shop around first, know what the going rate is on what you want and make sure they know that you know.

We did not have much problem finding a sectional that we liked but ran into a big snag with most of them having recliners attached to the sectional. Our den would not support the size of those types of sectional. The only few they had with detached recliners were a bit more than we wanted to pay. But in the end, a sectional gave us much more seating in our den, which is our "movie" room. The one we ended up choosing has one long sofa piece (that sits 3) with an arm on one end, a short modifier (that sits one) and that can be moved around, a wedge corner piece (sits one) and another end piece (sits two) and has another arm.Each piece has a hook on the bottom that slides each section together so it doesn't come apart when you sit. But it can be arranged in slightly different ways depending on the configuration of the room. The wide recliner has brass studs all around it as does the arm pieces of the sofa sections. It is made for a large man but can sit two people easily. We sit together in it unless the corgis get jealous. Yes, we are owned by our dogs. The small recliner has much tighter leather and is much cleaner in its style and fits me perfectly. I hardly ever get out of it. All the pieces are very timeless in their style.

We've had the furniture for about 3 years and it has held up well considering the animals. We bought the leather specificially distressed so our hearts would not be broken with the first scratch, but despite this, it looks very worn where the dogs jump and the cats run away. But all in all, we are satisfied with the choice and would purchase it again for the sole reason as it can be cleaned and sanitized from top to bottom. With my husband's condition, cloth sofas are out of the questions unless we adopt the Marie Barone method. And I'm not quite there yet.

The pics above show the furniture upon delivery and one shows it after setup. The after setup picture doesn't show the small recliner as it was slightly out of frame. The wide recliner (hubbys) is the one with the throw on it. The sofa is being held down by my hubby, my dad, and Bruno, my dad's peekapoo.