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Brut Force Anti Perspirant Deo Tough As Nails

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Everyone knows that a train ride, a long queue for a movie, in class or even on the job, no matter where you are, smells are always lingering. For those that have sweat marks and problems with excessive sweat during long hot summer days, Brut Force is the one for you.

As the title describes, it's very tough and brutal, it plain and simply gets the job done and blocks those sweaty pores. I personally hate getting sweat marks under my arms, and basic cheap anti-perspirant deodorant wasn't getting the job done, leaving me with unsightly and just grose marks under my arms.

One day i bought Brut, it comes in a few different smells so i've been told, but the plain silver one is fine for me. The can holds 150g of deodorant (making it quite a large can), and is meant to last 24 hours, however personally, after 8 or so hours everything mixes and we have a disasterous cocktail on our hands. The active chemicals in thise are aluminium, so if your worried about chemicals, then this product isn't for you.

As time has gone by, both at work and university, i've found that Brut Deodorant is a great deodorant for stopping the sweat, however another deodorant or a nice cologne should also be used, to hide any other unwanted odours.

No matter what you decide, have a look at Brut Anti-Perspirant deodorant next time, it's well worth the money.