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Bsn No Xplode Orange

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I first took this preworkout supplement this past summer on my offseason (Track and Field - Sprinter). This was the first preworkout supplement that I ever took. Before taking this supplement I heard very positive things about NO Xplode. Some people that I talked with told me that they never lift without taking it. So I went ahead and decided to give this supplement a try when I saw it was on sale over at my local GNC.

When I first took the supplement before my workout, I noticed an incredible rush of energy. This rush of energy was so intense that it made me jittery and also made my hands shake a little bit too. The burst of energy was nothing that I thought I wasn't in control over, so in other words, I didn't feel worried for my health. But soon after this, about ten minutes into my workout, the bad side effects kicked in. This supplement gave me very intense stomach pains, to the point that I actually couldn't finish my workout. So the next time I went to workout, I decided to give NO Xplode the benefit of the doubt and gave it another try. But, of course I had the same exact results. First I had great energy but soon after the horrible stomach pains kicked in and ruined my workout again.

Don't get me wrong, there were some positive aspects to this supplement. The flavor that I bought tasted very good, one of the best tasting supplements that I've had in awhile. Also, the mixability is great too, I didn't notice any clumping when I mixed it. But a note on the mixing, on the label it is recommended that you stir and NOT shake this supplement. Also, the energy that I got from taking this supplement was just intense. I felt that I could push out more reps than normal, which is before it made me sick.

Overall, I would probably recommend this supplement to someone looking for a preworkout supplement. But, I would definitely let them know about the possible side effects from taking this and also to read the labels very carefully. Remember, this side effect doesn't happen to everyone, I know many people that have praised this supplement without getting the bad side effects.