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Bubble Wand Great For Kids And Dogs Too

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I love a bargain, though often what seems like a bargain turns out to be a waste of money. Not so with the Bubble Wand I found at Walmart last weekend.

Having a 9 month old Lab puppy, I'm constantly looking for things to entertain her and get her the exercise she needs. This toy is perfect! I found it on an end cap in the toy department and the thought ran through my mind as to whether or not our dog would be interested. It was just $1.00, but in this economy, I'm less likely to buy things that aren't necessary, even at that price.

I picked out a color, which always takes me forever (I think that's a girl thing), and then found my husband. We both agreed that it was worth trying on Riley.

We took Riley to the back yard and opened the package. She was all over my husband, though she didn't care if she had the cardboard or the toy. Then my husband began making bubbles. Oh my, what a sight that was! Huge bubbles flying through the air and Riley chasing them and leaping as high as she could to catch them. My husband kept the bubbles coming as fast as she could chase them and she got a heck of a workout. I'm terrible about taking her for walks and now I won't feel so guilty because this cheap toy will give her lots of exercise.

This is not the usual little bubble bottle that we all know. This is a long wand, about 15 inches long. The cap unscrews and the wand is attached to the cap. You just dip and wave and watch the bubbles go. There is a large refill available at Walmart for about $5.00, but we use dish soap and make our own. I don't recall the exact name of the product, but it should be easy to find.

The bubbles can be quite large and the wind carries some of them far into the sky or over the fence to the neighbor's yard. Our dog just keeps running until she realizes she can't get it, then comes back to us for more. Other than throwing a ball or stick for her to retrieve, this gives her the most exercise of anything and it's very entertaining for us and the neighbors to watch her chase them.

This is really a toy for kids, but in some ways, kids and dogs are a lot alike.

This may well be the best $1.00 I ever spent.