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Bubbling Herbs In Handmade Soap

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Alfred Villegas By Alfred Villegas on
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I've been used to commercial toilet soaps since I was a child, until lately, four months ago, a friend gave me a couple of this Herbs & Bubbles Natural Soap Bar to try. The soap bar is rectangular, typical of the handmade soaps I see around. The label said it contains papaya and lemon, and the smell is lemony sweet.

The only way to beat curiosity is to use it the next time I took my bath. The soap lathers so thick and so well like a shampoo that I would like to keep it a little longer on my body. And I was so amazed how it works on my lower limbs and feet, it really takes the dirt away. I tried to test its alkalinity with a litmus paper and the ph is between 7 & 8. And though mild, it exfoliates the body of dead skin extensively giving me a really fresh feeling. After drying up, tried to scratch my arm and it doesn't leave a mark, its moisturizer is perfectly good.

Since then, we use Herbs and Bubbles Natural Bar Soap at home.