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Budding Artists?Crayola Triangular Crayons

Reviewing: Crayola Beginnings Washable Triangular Crayons  |  Rating:
By Geralyn Hydock on
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Does your house have any young budding artists in it? If so then these innovative crayons may just fit the bill. My almost twenty one month old grandson loves to doodle with these crayons. He also loves to tear the paper off of them. He has a table and chairs set in our living room which is his creativity center and there is a container with these crayons inside of it.

These crayons are fantastic for youngsters approching the age of two years old. The innovative triangular shaped crayons allow them to attain a proper handwriting grip. How is this possible you may ask? Utilization of their thumb and two fingers introduces the toddler to the proper way to write and the oddly shaped crayons allow for finger guidance into the tripod position needed to write properly. This position is key in the development of their handwriting as it positions the fingers correctly for purposeful and controlled writing. My young grandson is able to draw circles with these crayons as well as other creative shapes.

What else makes these crayons worth buying? They enable you to easily wash various marks and art off of your walls with just warm water and a sponge. Now who has not had the priviliedge of having wall murals added to their walls by your young artist? All of have probably experienced this at some point or another in our lives. This characteristic makes these crayons a super addition to your child's artist's kit.

I am thrilled with these crayons but I do have one problem with them and that is they tend to break more easily than the original round, fat crayons for beginners. In my book this problem is surmountable by the fact that they enable your child and you to engage in a fun activity and doodle to your heart's content. This is very important a child's development as in this day and age most children are bombarded with television, DVD's, electronic developmental toys and so on. My husband and I are encouraged by our little grandson to engage in some creativity when he pats his extra little, yellow chair. He wants us to sit with him and use our imaginations.

These crayons do tend to break more easily but the end products which they create are irreplacable. Yo should see all of the beautiful masterpieces which our grandson has created. They are hung on the door frame between our dining room and living room. I woiuld highly recommend these crayons to anyone looking for some fun that you will never forget!