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Buff, Polish, Shine!

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nutmeg101 By nutmeg101 on
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I am a "low maintenance" kind of girl so I don't go out for manicures very often. My MIL bought me this manicure/buffer set on a whim one day. I love being able to have nice "polished" nails without waiting for them to dry, and it lasts over a week. The kit comes with an emery board, a 3 step nail buffer, cuticle conditioner, and hand cream.

I typically use this while I am watching TV in bed, right before I go to sleep. That way, I don't have to worry about needing to put it down and coming back to it.

The process while simple, can take a little time, particularly the first few times you use it. First you clean your nails, I recommend just using nail polish remover, or if your nails don't have polish, a quick swab with rubbing alcohol. You don't want to remove all the oils from your nails, as that is what helps make the shine!

Then, you file the nails and start buffing. There are 3 steps to the buffing. The order is printed right on the buffing block, so there are no extra pieces of paper to keep up with. You start with the roughest texture, working up to the smoothest. When finished, your nails look as though they have a coat of clear polish on them! This will last over a week, but the great thing is, you can prolong the results by simply using the final stage of the buffing every few days. It doesn't require redoing ALL steps!

Then you use the cuticle conditioner and lotion, which both smell fantastic!! Tada! Salon quality manicure!

Once you have done it a few times, it does not take very long to do. Just a little practice.