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Buffy Season Seven

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By joadsshovel on
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Season Seven- the last season. That's sort of the running theme of the season, as chracters you thought were long gone return to finish the fight- one that promises to be the biggest and best of them all. Does the season itself prove to be the biggest and best? Sort of. The feeling of things coming full circle is nice, and there are a few new changes to spice it all up. But many people dislike the addition of "the potentials"- slayers-in-training of which one will be called to finish the fight if Buffy is killed. Their place in the mythology is nice (as is much of the handling of the slayer mythos, including what transires with the watchers and the like), but the handling of all of these young women is a bit awkward. Granted, how much characterization can you add to a group of 20 or so girls when you've got a giant story to develop as well? Some plot holes (giant vampires that are almost impossible to kill suddenly become cannon fodder towards the end) impede the progress, but if you're into the mythology and sense of completeness that this season plays with pretty well, then you'll be pleased, despite some "Kennedy-sized" problems. Just a tip: in the season finale, and you'll know when, feel free to let it all out- you know you wanted to cry during some cheesy-but-emotionally-stirring moments of this show in the past, but in this episode, it's the culmination of everything before, so let the catharsis happen, even though you know just how cheesy this whole thing is. Also try not to feel like a superhero with that awesome season finale music playing. Great way to end the series.