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By robbie on
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I do not know why but people in my area have a big problem with sugar ant, the little black ants. They seem to love water, and they are mostly in the bathrooms and kitchen area.

I have tried ant baits of every kind, I have tried all of the conventional sprays like Hot Shot, Raid, etc and although they are effective they smell to the high heavens.

I found on a trip to Wal-Mart standing in the isle a little elderly woman and she was picking up a can that was brightly colored in blue and yellow and in bold letters on the cap read " Guaranteed To Work or Your Money Back" and I commented something to the effect like " yeah right". She informed me right away that this spray can was the best product she had ever tried, she went on to tell me that it worked for up to 8 weeks with just one application and that it even had a fresh scent, now she really had my attention.

The can I bought was a 16 ounce spray can and it was by Bengal, you cannot miss it. It has a Bengal cat on the can and it is in a brightly colored can, it is a bit more expensive than the other brands, it is about $4.00, but I promise you it is worth it and then some.

As I said it is guaranteed to work, it kills instantly on contact and for up to 8 weeks afterward. I spray around my baseboards, window sills, under my cabinets and so on. It will not stain your carpet or wood.

It not only kills the little black ants, but it also kills a huge variety of harmful insects such as cockroaches, book lice, ticks, water bugs, fleas and more!

Be extra cautious and wash your hands thoroughly after each use, make sure you are in a well ventilated area. This product is lethal for fish, so be extra cautious around pets. It is also fatal to honey bees so please do not use around blooming plants or crops.