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Build Your Own Dinosaur At The T Rex Cafe

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After a very disappointing shopping trip at the Downtown Disney Marketplace where we could not find anything interesting to purchase, we decided to let my son build his own dinosaur at the T-REX cafe. The T-Rex cafe is a theme restaurant located in the Downtown Disney Marketplace that has a store attached to it where you can purchase dinosaur merchandise including building your very own dinosaur.

If you are familiar with Build-A-Bear workshops, Build-A-Dino is the same idea and part of the Build-A-Bear company. First you select the dinosaur you want to build. They have 15 different ones available to choose from that range in price from $15.00 - $22.00. The one my son chose was the 19" Spinosaurus. Once you have chosen your dino, you take him to the attendant at the fluff machine. Here you get the opportunity to select a sound chip to go in your dino. They range in price form $3.00 up to $8.00. You are also given a small stuffed heart upon which you make a wish and give it a kiss before it is placed inside your dino. Once that is done, the attendant attaches the dino to the fluff machine and you help by pressing the foot pedal to fill him up. When he is all stuffed, the attendant then sews him together. From here you take your dino over and give him a bath with a bast of air and brush his fur. You can then choose outfits or accessories to dress him in if you like. When he is all done you go to the computers where you enter all of his information and yours so that you can create his official birth certificate. When you fill in your information like email and home addresses, Build-A-Bear will also send you coupons and special offers. At the registers when it's time to pay, he is given his birth certificate and placed in his Dino-Den which is a cute little box that has a hole cut out in the front for his head and the back for his tail.

My son brought his dino which he named Killer with us on our cruise the next day. They both got lots of attention from people that wanted to know what was inside the box. During our cruise, our room attendant had fun arranging him around the room on different beds, holding the TV remote and had him hanging out with the towel animals. My son has slept with him ever night since he made him and he loves his dinosaur.