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Bullseye 123 Latex Primer Does It All.

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Before I begin any painting project, I make sure everything I am going to paint is prepped for the job. Prepping is so much more than the actual painting. It is filling all the cracks, washing the woodwork and walls, etc. It is the most time consuming part of the project.

I love watching those ads on TV, where it shows a woman painting a living room, wearing some pair of designer contractor pants, that don't have a speck of paint on them. They ad only shows this homeowner rolling out some walls, with the paint. No one ever lets you know, she had to visit a chiropractor yesterday, from trying to fill the cracks in her sealing.

Enter, "Bullseye 123, latex primer by Zinnser; stage left. If you are going to be applying paint to any surface that has a sheen to it, or a major color difference, you probably need a primer.

Primers come in all kinds of varieties, depending on the job. Bullseye, is a multi purpose primer for walls, or woodwork. It is latex and cleans up easy. It also smells like ammoniated, dead socks. Get past the smell. It really will save you a lot of time and trouble. A gallon will cover about 450 square feet. It goes a long way.

This primer is interior and exterior. I have primed whole houses with Bullseye 123. It works and does exactly what it supposed to do. It sticks to almost anything you will have to paint.

The next time someone behind a paint counter tells you, you need a primer, check out the Bullseye 123. You will not be sorry.