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Bully There Is No Model. Review

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By Ryan Lalonde on
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Bully is a Rockstar Game and it is pretty much like Grand Theft Auto in some ways. You have less freedom but can still go all around the school and then some. For some of you that don't know the game Bully you are new kid named Jimmy at the school Bullsworth Academy and no one likes new kids. You have a variety of classes you have to go to every day. Some do eventually get boring and annoying. Gym is really cool because you do more than one thing. Sometimes it can be Dodge ball and then some can be Wrestling. It is kind of funny when you get detention because they make you mow the lawn on a lawn mower. But it's not so fun the more you get it. The yards get bigger and don't even think about running the Principal over because he will make you do even more than the last time. The music is horrific and gets annoying super fast. It takes forever to beat someone even with a fire extinguisher. You have to whack them at least 6 times before they fall. Somehow the slingshot is the most powerful weapon in the game. If you go in the girls dorm you don't get caught until you hit someone or the girls dorm supervisor sees you. If you get caught and run out there is a glitch and the lady supervisor turns into your principal? You can buy different clothes and if your not wearing your uniform you will get in trouble. If the supervisors get to you when you are in trouble they pretty much take you down. Sometimes you can escape but mostly you don't have a chance. There are no supervisors in the boys dorm so if you feel like doing something do it. You can't get in trouble for it. You can pull the fire alarm but nothing really seems to happen. People yell but they don't run. They have a ton of features in the game. You can sit use the toilet wash your hands... You get the point. Sadly all the features in the game don't make it any better just more like real life. If you get into a fight the teacher goes after you and no one else. If you are thinking of beating a jock don't even try. You can hit him with a bat until it breaks. He doesn't get hurt. If the teacher is trying to take you down or holding you everyone can still hit you which we find is unfair. You can get a girlfriend by giving them flowers and they will give you kisses. You just have to beat a class 5 times then you get free time during that period. The game doesn't take long to beat like all Rockstar games. The radar in the game is inaccurate. It will tell you to go somewhere but it is wrong. In order to get most things you have to pick locks which is pretty easy.