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Bullycide In America

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As a published author myself, I know the importance of getting a message out to people and the public. We, as authors, want others to feel the emotion we feel for a certain topic.

Bullycide in America expresses an important issue by putting faces and reality into the message so others will take this growing problem seriously. It is a very well written piece of literature which will capture the hearts of everyone who reads it.

Bullycide is suicide of a child because they have been bullied to the extreme that they believe death is the only way out. Suicide is the only way to stop the pain and depression caused by being tortured because you may not act or look like others think your should. These children are viewed as weak, and the bullies take advantage of them and torture them.

This book moved me to action, and I believe it will do the same for others.

It expresses the pain and loss experienced when a child is bullied to the extreme that life no longer holds the joy it should. When a child feels they can no longer go on, we all feel the pain.

This book puts these facts into a clear form and shows examples of actual children who have lost their lives in this manner.

I recommend this book to any one who cares about children.

Book is available at http://www.bullycide.org/.