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Burnout Paradise For Ps3

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By niceguy2010 on
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I gave this game a very high rating because it completely earned it. The game play is amazing!!! This game was one of my first games for PS3 and I still play it. Even if you are not running high def the picture is still really good, the only problem is that in non hd it's hard to read peoples name online but other than that there is no other problems. Parents may want to be warned that online play tends to have alot of swearing people but that goes for any game that goes online, you have to deal with people.

The game starts off with offline play (well you can go online but it's kinda silly cause every one will have better cars than you and you will have no idea what your doing) The offline play is you have just normal races to win, you have road rages where to try to make as many other cars crash, you have marked man where every one is hunting you and you have to get to a certain place on the map to be safe, and there is also stunt runs where you do tricks with your car to get points as in getting air time by jumping or barrel rolls or flat spins (spinning your car in midair). As you beat these events you earn licenses and new cars. there are 83 vehicles as of now and i say vehicles because once you beat all there is with the cars or when ever you can switch to bikes and a whole new game starts then you have to go through and earn your licenses with the bike. Once you have done all that you can go online and join friends (or random people you don't know) and either just race to earn points toward your world rank by winning races or you can do challenges in either the car or bike, there are a total of 490 challenges so far. I say so far because the burnout programers keep putting out update for the game and add new things to the game as in new cars, bikes, areas of the map, and new challenges.

So all together i think this is worth the cost i bought it at 60 bucks and I think that was well worth it now it's 30 in stores or on your PSN