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Burnout Paradise Is It Too Realistic

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By Laurence Elliott on
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Burnout Paradise is a revolutionary game in the Burnout series with a whole new gameplay mode it mixes free roaming and career mode well to create a good mix in between the two to give the best gameplay experience. The new physics of the game give a realistic crashing simulation. This makes the game seem more realistic than some of the more other racing game series such as Need For Speed.

A new range of different game modes adds a large variety of thing that the player can do these are all on junctions on the map. Such as the all new stunt run, this allows people to show off the control that they have of their car and if they know all of the city. Then there is race mode which allows you to race against a range of different numbers of opponents. This allows you to show your knowledge of shortcuts and the way that you drive your car. Road Rage allows you to try and take town as many of your opponents as possible in a limited amount of time. Marked man competitions are the complete opposite as you are trying to escape from a number of enemies and get to a selected point on the map. You can use your own music to create your own driving experience.

Through the game there are a number of cars that you have to unlock and upgrade. You get a new car after winning a selected number of events or unlocking a new license. You can upgrade cars by doing burning routes as you have to drive that car to a selected destination within a time limit.

Throughout the game there are a number of different things that you have to such as smashing through 400 yellow gates, billboards, and super jumps. Super jumps allow you to jump of the wackiest areas of the city and doing the craziest stunts. You can also on every road set a road rule, this means that you have the fastest time on that road, then there is showtime that is started by pressing R2 and L2 this allows you to do like on the original games and hit cars as you bounce around trying to get the highest score possible.

There are constant updates that you can download for this game ranging from new cars. these help to keep the game upbeat and interesting. Then there is the recent bike pack which has brought out two bikes and then two unlockable bikes, the faster of the unlockable bike is nearly as fast as any of the cars. But with his they add new races and also the ability to drive in the dark this gives a new aspect to the new game. Add coming soon they are creating multiplayer option and 3 new parts of he map which will have the fastest and best roads of any of the previous series.

The online mode in this game allow you to race against all of your friends and talk to them via a bluetooth headset. You can do a selection of challenges which make the experience as much fun a possible. You can then do online road rage with your friends marked man so you go against your friends and try to take them out and then they also have the option to do a stunt run so you can show off your skills and favorite route. You can create your own race completely as you can create your own checkpoints in the race so you make it as long or as short as you want.

Overall this is a great game and can only be faulted in it being to realistic in the crashes as one of the smallest touches to a civilian car will send you flying.