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Bus Driver A Ho Hum Simulator With Big Issues

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By bboy1993 on
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Bus Driver is a game that puts the player in the fast-paced lifestyle of, well, a bus driver. The player selects different missions in which he/she shuttles passengers from point A to point B, with a few stops in between, and all of this must be done on a strict timetable. There are also strict traffic rules that the player must abide by. I was impressed with the dynamic city the game is set in. It feels like you are driving a bus in a living, breathing environment. So, on a whole, I was pretty satisfied. That was, at least, until I beat the game in only 3 days! I was raging when I discovered that I had just shelled out $30.00 to get 3 days of meager entertainment! There is no career mode, track designer or anything to continue the game after completing the missions.

I was weary to buy this game at first because of the company that produced it (SCS Software). They lay claim to other simulators that failed miserably, such as the Hard Truck series. But, I figured that maybe the company had "sobered up" and it was time to give them another chance.... SILLY ME!

While most of the game is ok, there are a few problems in the actual mechanics of the game. First off, the traffic seems to not like you being there. You constantly get honked at while doing nothing and sitting at a red light! Secondly, when you have a collision, there is no visual damage to the bus, or the car that you hit. There is a universal speed that all traffic travels at throughout the city, which is somewhere around 35MPH. This becomes an issue when you are trying to do 40/45 MPH on the expressway, like a normal person does. The timing that you have to get to stops in VERY tight, and you must drive like a madman to reach the stops in time.

But the thing that REALLY got me hating this game is my experience (or lack thereof) with SCS Software customer service. After playing the game for a while the sound stopped working. So I looked over the FAQ at the Bus Driver website, and got no results. So, I contacted them by E-Mail and waited several weeks for a reply. After receiving no reply, I sent another E-Mail, and waited several more weeks, without a response. Ladies and gentlemen, I am now on my 5th (count em' 5!) E-Mail without a response! I'm not sure about you, but THAT really, really, gets me mad!

THE VERDICT: Your money is better spent elsewhere.