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Business And Office Mailers With Style

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I am a self-employed freelance writer. In this field, I spend as much time working on the presentation as I do the actual written content.

Trust me, this is never a perfect endeavor. Any edge you can achieve is good.

A freelance writer who expects to succeed has to advertise a bit to get the jobs. The jobs just don't come knocking on your door without some effort. Freelance writing is very much a business, and it requires the same efforts to succeed as any business does.

I do most of my wiritng business on the internet, but there is a good deal of business done away from the computer. When clients want stuff to be mailed to them, I can't just avoid this option. This would limit potential writing jobs.

When I send them materials, I like to make it a complete and pleasent presentation. It is because of this fact that I started using some flashier mailers to distribute materials to publishers and potential clients. I want the mailer to grab their attention. Since I started doing this, it has helped to gain me an edge where none would have existed otherwise.

The Uline Glamour line of mailers is what I use to present my writing letters, resumes, and written work to my clients. It has improved my business to some degree. Sending items in these mailers shows I am willing to go the extra mile for a good presentation. With my business, the mailer is part of the presentation and effects the end result. It is the same idea which book publishers use to present a book and grab the reader's attention with a flashy or artistic book cover.

Features of these Mailers

* These envelopes have a durable self closure with a lip.

* They are durable and waterproof. I don't worry about my wrtten work getting wet before it reaches its destination.

* There are 4 sizes to choose from in stock, but you may also special order custom sizes.

* They are available in many colors which include: transparent silver or metallic black, purple, red, blue, gold, green, and silver.

* They add style to your mailing and look great.

The only drawback is the price. These are more expensive then most mailers. For me, this is not a big issue. The advertising benefit makes up for the cost. Plus, I do not send out large quantities. One carton of these envelopes will last me quite a while. Those who do send out large quantities of mail would not want to use these for their bulk mail distributions. Large mail distributions are expensive any way. Adding the cost of these mailers would make it enormous.

For me, the price is not a major problem. I get the most from the cost by utilizing the advertising potential.

I would recommend these mailers to anyone who would like to mix advertising and stylish appearance with their mailing. This is for those who need to gain an edge with their smaller mailings.

Note: Uline also has bubble mailers in the Glamour line. Visit their site and check them out for your self.