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Business Legal Forms, The Easy Way

Reviewing: "The Most Valuable Business Legal Forms You'll Ever Need"By James C. Ray, Esq. 3rd Edition  |  Rating:
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I picked up this book by attorney-at-law James C. Ray from the library and read it through and through. Speaking from this experience, let me state that this might be a good primer addition to legal forms for your go-to library of everyday needs.

While the book starts off with hesitatance -- Ray places an non-reassuring emphasis to go to your lawyerfor legal needs even though the book is meant as a self-help book -- it does cover many various aspects of legalese and gives explanation to the plebian reader of what they need to know.

The biggest boon is the appendix of legal forms at the back of the book - over 60 examples - that you can Xerox and use for your own needs.

In fact, it goes through many areas that one might be interested in knowing. Covered in the book are business transactions, apartment leasing legal forms (including sub-leasing) and issues of liability and transfer of goods and services, especially useful for independent contractors and businessmen.

While the book operates as a primer, because it covers so many areas with aplompb, I learned a few new things from reading this book.

The book is written not tersely but succinctly. You will learn the basics of what you need to know, but I felt it may be useful to consult more detailed books for a specific area you are looking to do. However, this book will give you some knowledge going into a contract, especially if presented with one from a supplier or other business owner.

Basic areas like making a legal form for a basic transfer of sale (i.e. if you sell goods) are covered effectively.

Its first chapter also gives a great primer on what contracts and and how they operate, in case this is new to you.

Last but not least, the book gives more than 60 examples of blank legal forms for use in day-to-day life. I thought this was a great selling point myself.

I felt this was a good reference for many areas of life involving contracts, but again I felt like one should get more a detailed book for some of the areas involved in the law.