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Business Plans Made Easy

Reviewing: Mark Henricks Published By Entrepreneur Magazine Business Plans Made Easy: It's Not As Hard As You Think!  |  Rating:
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When you live in a world where most of the people you know either own a business (or several) or want to start a business, one of the things you really need on hand as a reference is a book that assists you in putting together the best possible Business plan you can. Regardless how many times I put one together, I prefer not to leave it to my memory to ensure that I have everything in good order.

This book has been thumbed through countless times and although not all of the information is completely relevant to every business idea or scenario, the amount of information that you need to know about and understand when preparing a business plan for a new business is there, waiting to be utilized.

My husband already owns a business and we are now in the process of launching another which takes off where the first one currently isn't able to reach. Even though I've put together dozens of business plans over the years, I still refer to this book due to the fact that the information within its covers is timeless and relevant in so many areas.

From breaking down your Mission Statement (what your business is about in a nut shell) to future projections related to profit margins, business expansion and equipment life and replacement predictions, everything an eager entrepreneur could want to know about is within this book.

I find Business Plan preparation to be a long, tedious process for the most part as I want to get on with the actualities of things, not the assumptions. However, by skipping this most important factor of a business, eventually it will catch up with you in ways that the proper Business Plan could foresee and even prevent or at least make it possible to work through more easily. The easy to read format that provides even the most novice of Business Plan writers with exceptional, easy to understand information, is a must have for anyone considering the undertaking.

There are quick little "tips" throughout the book, jargon explained in terms that make it crystal clear. For a pretty painless way to put together a solid Business Plan, although not the only book you'd want to refer to, it does a pretty good job of being one of the forerunner's in the "should have" category. I highly recommend it for anyone beginning the process of starting a business plan for a new enterprise they are considering launching.