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Butt Paste

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Pour Zoe had a stomach bug. This meant a pooie diaper every couple of hours and it was not pretty. Her doctor gave me advice on what and how to feed her through this stomach virus. Because of all the diaper changes her normal diaper cream was not cutting it. So along with her doctor saying not to use wipes but instead to use warm cloths to clean her little toosh, he also said to go out and find a product called "Boudreaux's Butt Paste". The name is so funny! It is a diaper rash ointment AND skin protectant. It goes on really easy so you don't irritate the skin any more by alot of rubbing. It actually smells really good too. It is of brown color and it smells like cocoa butter, even though the main ingredient is zinc oxide. Because it is thicker than most rash creams it also helps to keep her skin dry from any waste in her diaper. I usually favor Desitin or A&D Ointment, both wonderfull products, but I would have to say that Butt Paste is my faveorite diaper rash ointment to use. I would follow it with A&D Ointment close behind. However, with the Butt Paste you do not have that medicine smell that you have with the A&D Ointment. Zoe was rash free and feeling like herself again in no time.