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Butt Master: Tightens Up Your Caboose!

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I'm sure you've heard of Suzanne Somers, the actress turned marketer, she has a variety of products she promotes. Several years ago she promoted an exercise product called the ThighMaster. Then ThighMaster developed the ButtMaster and she promoted it.

The ButtMaster is a marvelous addendum to the ThighMaster. This resistance product really sparks a burn in your gluts and outer thighs. If you're looking for something to help you blast the saddlebags off your hips and tone up your rear, then this is the product for you.

I bought my ButtMaster several years back. I was a bartender and had to wear tight, short, skimpy shorts and skirts as a part of my uniform. Not wanting any rear flab, I purchased my ButtMaster and used it to keep my caboose toned.

The machine is easy to use. You pry open the jaws and put both your knees between them. You exert pressure to open the spring tight jaws and use your own resistance to return to the closed position. Within a few reps you will feel the burn.

You can use the ButtMaster sitting in a chair, lying on your back with your knees raised, or lying on either side. Slow controlled motions will get you the best results. Do not expect to build muscle, as this is a toning device. There is only one level of resistance.

Recently I started incorporating my ButtMaster into my workout routine. I wish I had kept it up the whole time. My life being as it is, I'll have to work harder to tone the back swing back down.

I recommend the ButtMaster as it truly masters an unruly rear. I have not seen it in stores in a few years. However, I have seen it on home shopping channels and eBay.