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Buyer's Beware

Reviewing: Virgin Mega Stores 1gb Music And Movie Player  |  Rating:
jennifer kennedy By jennifer kennedy on
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It's coming to that time of year again were we are all busy buying Christmas gifts for our loved ones, but I like many others also have my sons birthday near Christmas, so I am buying pressies for both occassions, my son is eleven and will be starting secondary school in September 2010, Since he has quite a walking distance I thought it might be an idea to buy him an MP3 player to listen to while walking to and from school, so thats why I bought him a little cheap one this year for his birthday, I wanted to see how he would get on with a cheap one before I buy a more expensive version.

I live quite a distance from the town and I dont drive so being my lazy self I thought I would check Ebay to see what they had on offer, thats were I came across this black, 1gb V-AV1 Music and movie player retailing at £9.98, on the "buy it now" listing, the postage was free and what really attracted me to this mp3 was that it was slimline, the package arrived about four days later.

Like all these gadgets there is far to much packaging, the mp3 comes in a red and yellow cardboard box, approximately the size of a mobile phone box, included in the box was a software cd, white earphones, a USB lead and off course the mp3 player with an instruction manual. Everything so far was fine and the mp3 player looked cool.

This mp3 player is 1gb and holds 250mp3 tracks and 500 WMA tracks (providing they are all about 4 minutes long, ) the list of specs which is clearly printed on the box is as follows:

Vivid full colour display, Photo viewer, digitial voice recorder, USB key file storage, Simple plug and play operation, built in lithium rechargeable battery and the mp3 is compatible with windows and mac. the weight of this gadget is 44g and it size in mm is 40x90x8. Lots more information can be found at the back of the box. Everything so far sounds great or does it.......

Taking the mp3 player out of it's boxed we were quite pleased, I couldn't wait to get it charged up and music onto it, however this is were the problem began, we switched the mp3 player on, it came on with absolutely no problems but it did understandably need charged, hubby organized this and it remained on charge throughout the night into the following afternoon, following the instructions hubby worked at the mp3 player putting all sorts of music onto it, once the mp3 was plugged out of the USB lead the player knocked itself off and wouldn't come on again, hubby tried everything but with no luck. So the only place my son can listen to this mp3 player is sitting by the computer which totally defeats the purpose off which this item was purchased for.

I have rated this item a 1 as I really cant comment on the list of specs (listed above) I have tried contacting the Ebay seller but have had no reply, needless to say my son was really disappointed and I have wasted time and money. I have learned a valuable lesson though "I will be more careful what I purchase from Ebay"

Thanks for reading