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Bye Bye Bad Smell

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My hubby always finds problems with his stinky underarm, especially after work. I know it bothers me too and sometimes I just can't stand it. We need a solution to this quickly because I'm afraid I can't hold it any longer lol :) So up we went looking for a deodorant (after some arguing, because he didn't want to use any deodorants or stuffs like that). When we looked around, I found this product, Calvin Klein Euphoria Men Deodorant Stick. When I smell it, it smells so good and I think that's the perfect smell for him. I showed him the product and let him smell it. He nodded.

For the first use, he felt rather annoyed because of its stickiness, he said, "I have a funny feeling in my underarm." However, after some days he used this product, he felt satisfied. He told me one day, coming home from work, that he's been praised by his female co-workers. Well, yeah, I guess that's the consequences now that he smells good lol :) He admitted that although it's a bit sticky, the fragrance helped covered up all his bad smell, not just his underarm but the fragrance spread up as his body odour. It claims to be alcohol-free and it doesn't irrirate his skin either, it's proven safe I guess. The fragrance is long lasting, and he always uses it after bath now. The product comes in a bottle of 2.6oz or 75g. The price is a bit expensive but it doesn't matter as long as he stays smelling good all day lol :)

Additional info:

Fragrance ingredients: Chilled Sudachi, Ginger Pepper Cocktail, Raindrop Accord, Cedar Leaves, Black Basil, Sage, Brazilian Redwood, Patchouli, Suede Note, Amber.