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Bye Bye Mary Hello Beauti Control !

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Oh you have to try this! That's what I'm telling everyone I come in contact with lately. I've got a secret and I'm going to share it with you ladies who want their youthful, soft skin back again.

I am a big fan of this new daily skin care line. I have been a faithful user of Mary Kay products for many years. But a suggestion to try this new product called Beauticontrol is making me say goodbye to Mary and hello to Beauticontrol!

A friend suggested that I try this daily skin care line. If you are like me, you will try just about everything that promises younger looking skin. I had never heard of this company and now I know why. It is usually sold at home parties. She told me that I could find it on Ebay. So off I went to do a search and sure enough it was there for sale.

I like to try sample sized products before I invest in something new. I found their mini set on Ebay called Skinlogics Platinum Plus. Yes, I am proud to admit it, I'm now in the 50+ category!

Here's what I bought:

Step #1

Nourishing Creme Cleanser!

I love this cleanser! Because I'm 50+ now, I need a soap-free cleanser. This is a creamy cleanser that is packed with goodies. Goodies like pink nutrispheres, which are like little bursts of miracles, that contain vitamins A, E and C. I apply this cleanser to my dry face. I massage it all over my face and neck, avoiding the eye area. You can also dampen your face first if you prefer. Next you just rinse it off and pat your face dry. Now feel your face. I told you so! Pretty soft right?! Hold on, this is only the first step.....

Step #2

Relaxing Tonic

I was surprised when I saw the tonic. It was white and milky looking. Most of the tonics I have used before were either green or blue and full of alcohol. Something I no longer need for my skin. This tonic has rose extracts and floral ingredients. I applied a small amount onto a cotton ball and gently glided it over my freshly cleansed face. Wow! It was so refreshing!

Step #3

Brightening Day Creme

Next you apply a small amount of the brightening day creme to your face and neck. It really hydrates your face without feeling greasy. Hydrated skin = A younger looking TINK! (A tip: Let this dry completely before you apply any makeup.)

That is the three step cleansing process for your skin. Now there are two more products that come with the set.

Renewing Night Creme

I use this cream as my Step #3 before bedtime. It's a more intense moisturizer than the day creme. A little of this night creme goes a long way. Seriously...just a small amount! I use this on my face and neck. Sleep and renew!

Facial Scrub

This is a product I use twice a week in addition to my regular cleansing routine. It's good to exfoliate all those yucky dead skin cells on your face. There are little beads inside this gel that polish your face and make you glow. Just a word of warning ~ the very first time I used the facial scrub, after I rinsed it off, my face was RED! So don't rub too hard. Remember gentle is better for your skin.

After using this mini set only one time, I bought the full sized products on Ebay. Compared to the Beauticontrol website, I saved 50%.

Beauticontrol also comes in formulas for 20's, 30's and 40's, for those of you that aren't platinum like me. You really need to try these products. You won't be able to stop touching your face.