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Bye Bye To Underarm Wetness!

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By phoebe on
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Certain Dri

All the women in my family sweat. We do not perspire, we SWEAT. It is rare to see us in a shirt that is grey, light blue, or any other color that shows wetness...such as underarm perspiration. I wanted to find a way to control my underarm wetness so I could not only wear the clothes I wanted to, but feel more confident (imagine being at work and you are sweating more than the guys!).

Enter Certain Dri. I had read about this anti-perspirant on some forums discussing excessive sweating and thought I would give it a try. The product comes in a solid and a roll on liquid. I chose the roll on as I read it was more effective. You apply it to your underarms at night before bed, giving it a few minutes to absorb and dry before you go to sleep. The box said it can last up to 72 hours.

I was a bit skeptical, but thought "what have I got to lose?". The instructions said to use just a few strokes. Being the heavy sweater I am, I thought I would do a bit more, and coated my underarms in Certain Dri. WOW. Big mistake! It burned and itched so bad I had to wash it off.

The next night I tried again, but only used a few swipes as instructed. No burning, no tingling. Much better. I got up the next morning and followed my normal routine, including putting on some Secret anti-perspirant/deodorant. I wore a black shirt. It was going to be a warm day. I was ready for disappointment.

To my surprise, I stayed dry all day! No sweat marks on my shirt! No discomfort worrying someone would know how much I sweat! That night, I did not apply more Certain Dri, and the next morning I skipped the Secret deodorant to see what would happen. Dry again! I only need to apply Certain Dri every other day to keep my underarms dry and my clothes stain-free.

This product is wonderful for anyone concerned with sweating. You need to apply lightly as instructed, and if you have sensitive skin you may want to opt for the solid and not the roll on. I did not find the solid AS effective, but it was also not as strong as the roll on seemed to be. Follow the directions and get ready to wear whatever shirt you want!