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Ca Antivirus Plus

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Mister Tickle By Mister Tickle on
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The CA Antivirus comes with comes with an H&R Home Deluxe Tax software. I didn’t use that software, but I did use the CA Antivirus. There is an installation disc inside the box and an instruction manual. The disc was easy enough to follow and I was able to get installation detail on screen. According to the description: “Designed to detect and remove harmful Trojans, worms, rootkits, and other” so I thought why not? This is why I got it, more protection is always better.

After setting it up and using it, I noticed a couple of things about this antivirus. To start off with, this antivirus questions a lot of my programs. It marks some files as suspicious and gives the reason. It is very paranoid and will constantly scan my computer. It comes with an always on option. This option will constantly let the antivirus scan my computer. It will slow down my computer at times, but I can cope with that. It isn’t as if this antivirus freezes my computer and I can’t do anything. I can still watch a movie or surf the web with this antivirus in the background.

The other great thing about the CA antivirus is that it has a lot of updates. These updates are usually very quick. It would download a file or so and then install it. It doesn’t take up a lot of space or anything of the sort. These updates will help detect the latest threats.

The last great thing about the CA is that is has a super fast scanning speed. I was quite annoyed with my other antivirus as the scanning speed was very slow. The description says that this antivirus can scan up to eight times faster. This is a promise that they do deliver. It is absolutely true that this antivirus scans eight times faster. I don’t know if it really is eight times faster, but it is very fast.

I remind you that if you are going to get it and install it, make sure you have internet connection. The CA requires the internet to complete the installation process. The first time I installed it, I forgot to turn the internet all. I got an error and had to start all over again. However, I did not mind as the installation process is also very fast. I started using the CA in a matter of minutes.