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Cadbury Milk Chocolate W/ Raisins & Almonds A Perfect Mix

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Cadbury Raisin & Almond wrapper

This bar is one of the few milk chocolate bars that I like. The blend of these flavors is extra good.

I’m not a big fan of milk chocolate; I much prefer dark chocolate. But this particular mixture is an exception. When I was a kid, the Cadbury eggs were just about my favorite, but as an adult I find them way too sweet. This Cadbury bar does not have that overwhelming sweetness.

The bar is 3.5 ounces, and is scored into 18 squares, although with the fruit and nuts it’s pretty hard to get it to break on the lines. I find that 1/3 of the bar is very satisfying, which is 6 squares. The nutritional info says that a serving is 7 squares, and 190 calories. It seems weird that they wouldn’t choose a number of squares that was easy to break off. Anyway, that makes 6 squares come out to 163 calories.

There is something about the chewy texture of the raisins combined with the almonds, that adds up to more than just the sum of the flavors. It’s hard to describe. But it really works together well. And there are lots of both the raisins and the nuts in with the chocolate.

The inner wrapper is pure aluminum foil, so it can be recycled.

This is made now by Hershey, under license from Cadbury, UK Ltd.