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Cadillac Deville

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Gayle Parks By Gayle Parks on
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When I went shopping for a used car a few years back I knew I was looking for something realiable as well as comfortable to drive. Gas milage wasn't a huge issue at the time but a car that offered a smooth and comfortable ride as well as room enough for me to move around in was. After test driving several smaller cars I was thrilled to drive this Cadillac Deville. It rode like silk and had the room I was looking for meaning my legs didn't feel like they were cramped up under my elbows and there was actually room for human beings to ride in the back seat.

It has all electric windows as well as electric seats up front along with electric controls for both side mirrors. It also has little lights mounted on each side of the hood that indicate if your head lights are on bright or dim. There is also an indicator mounted at the top of the back dash that lets you know that your tail lights and turn signals are in working order. This model also has an automatic temperture control which you set for heat or cool and then set the thermostat to your liking. It also tells you the inside and outside temperture.

The interior design is comfortable and attractive with leather seats and dash and also has an adjustable console in the front seat so you can have a bench seat if you prefer. The rear seat has a pull down arm rest.

This car has been very realiable and even though it is now 14 years old and has well over 150, 000 miles showing on the odometer it has started every single time I have turned the key. In fact, I have had only minor repairs done on this car since I have owned it. Things like new brakes, hoses and spark plugs.

Of course, with gas now at almost $4.00 per gallon this car really slurps up the gas ( yes, it is a V-8) but at this point in my life I don't drive all that much and a tank of gas lasts me a while. Actually the gas milage on this car isn't any worse than gas milage on a large SUV...and there are plenty of those on the road aren't there? All in all, I love this car and would recommend a Cadillac to anyone.

Note: The odometer reads 161, 767