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Cadillac Eldorado Sporty Enough For Teenagers!

Reviewing: Cadillac Eldorado 1998  |  Rating:
sparkle333 By sparkle333 on
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I have always been a sports car girl, and truly thought that Cadillacs were only owned by wealthy old people. (Don't take offense...I'm old now too (55), though sad to say, not wealthy.) But this Cadillac is something else! From the first time I saw it, I loved it, because it was classy and sporty. It is a 1998 model, but it looks timeless. It is a beautiful red two door, with a beige leather interior. (I bought it used at a great price!) This model was made through April, 2002, so my car looks the same as the later year models.

It has many wonderful features, such as seat warmers for those cold winter mornings, automatic lights, an inside trunk release, leather seats, and adjustable electric driver and passenger seats that recline generously. It has such a smooth ride, that it feels like you're floating down the road.

Sadly, when I first got the car, I parked it on the side of Walmart, and some jealous low-life key-scratched it. And I don't mean a little scratch. They scratched the entire car, everywhere but the roof. (That's the bad news.)

The good news is that my insurance paid for it, and I got a fabulous new paint job, that made my car look brand new. I get compliments on it all the time. I even have people chase me down, wanting to buy the car.

The only down side to the car, is pretty obvious these days--gas mileage. So I don't know how much longer I'll be able to continue driving it.

My favorite (totally unexpected) thing about the Eldorado is that teenagers love it! Every time I go through a burger joint, some kid cracks a big smile and says, "Love your car!" This makes me grin, considering my previous assumption about Cadillac drivers.

They say that once you drive a Cadillac, you'll always want to drive one. I can certainly understand that, but they'll never make a prettier car than the Eldorado, and the other Cadillacs aren't sporty enough for me. This one was truly one of a kind!