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Call Of Duty 3 Xbox 360

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The illustrious Call of Duty series has seen a decorated and acclaimed history since its inception on the PC in 2003. While the third iteration may not be as earth-shattering as its forefather, the final game of the main series set in the World War 2 millieu (CoD 4 is dubbed "Modern Warfare") is a solid and enjoyable FPS.

The game takes place over various battle theaters during World War 2, with the player assuming the role of a range of soldiers in an American, Canadian, British and Polish campaign. The game, taking cues from others of the genre, employs storytelling within the players perspective - thus maintaining the immersion, and the sense of character. CoD 3 features a branching plot due to its multiple player characters, and the pre-mission briefings serve a dual-purpose; setting the scene and establishing backstory, but also to impart knowledge on the events of the Great War.

The core gameplay frenetic, point-to-point, unrelenting action. The objectives you'll be undertaking are typical of the genre, and rarely venture beyond 'place bomb here' or 'make it to here' style missions. The controls are responsive and the battles are frantic and visceral - there is also a wide range of period weaponry at your disposal. Occasionally, some simple mini-games consisting of simple button combos crop up - while little more than tacked-on time-wasters, at least these are a reprieve from the combat.

The visuals are positively stunning; the first time you see the billowing smoke, your highly-detailed comrades lurching across the soaked marshes to meet their foes, you will greatly appreciate the level of extra polish. While there are performance hiccups, the frame-skipping never becomes to severe as to become an irritation.

If you're looking for a vastly enjoyable FPS with a meaty campaign and plenty of solid action to keep you entertained for a few hours, you can't ignore CoD3.