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Call Of Duty 4: Is It A True Calling?

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As a gamer, I have always enjoyed all types of games. everything from basic games like tetris to more intricate like Role Playing games or strategy based games. I have always enjoyed war related games, due to thier similar aspects to real wars. Unfortunately I have not been statisfied with any games that I have come across. They were usually an excellent campaign or story mode and horrible online gaming. or vice versa.

Well my dear boyfriend, who by the way like most men these days is a die hard gamer, wanted Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for x-mas. And sure enough he did get that present. He persuaded me to play the campaigne mode. I tried it and to my amazement I really enjoyed it. The options are inmesurable from the weapon you chose to the paths you choose during game play. The campaing was excellent. very entertaining but somewhat short. yes you can go back and try new level and such, but if you are anything like me, that will become quite boring. So I decided to try the Oline game mode.

Now this was entertaining, after trying the campaigne, the online gaming is even better. It is a challenging part of the game itself, the option to play a with people from all over the world in a war-based game where you customize you weapon, your grenades even your camaflouge. You can be an assault soldier or a Sniper or if you prefer close combat.

The online game starts you off in level 1. or private rank, as you earn points you are promoted to higher level, and as an incentive you unlock perks that will help you even more. some include silencers, a statelite jammer so your enemy doesn't know your location, you can even call in an airstrike wether by fighter jets or a helicopter. There are many types of battles as well. There is the free-for all which means everyone is your enemy in the game or team matches where you and other playes work as a team to win. or the more traditional flag capture game.

All in All Call of Duty 4 is a game that has endless possibilities. The Online gaming is by far the best feature with so many options to chose from. This is a great game, for those die hard gamers, check this one out. Its by far one of the best.