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Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 360 Review

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By jjjohn0404 on
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When i first played this game on my Xbox 360, I was amazed at the gameplay. I was enthralled by the intense action of both the multiplayer and the campaign. The storyline was well-written and kept you from leaving your seat. It felt like you were fighting a real battle in the Middle East. There were two unique missions that really interested me. In one mission, you take a break from battles with infantry and try out your skill at bombing the enemy. Another one was where you take the role of a sniper and use you ghillie suit and stealth tactics to complete your objectives. The single player campaign mode in call of duty 4 was one of the best i have ever played.

To add to that, the multiplayer mode is also one of the best of it's class i have ever played. There is a huge amounts of game variants. One of my favorites is search and destroy. One team tries to take the bomb to certain stockpile locations as the other team tries to stop the other team. Once you die you cannot respawn until either team runs out of players, detonates the bomb, or defuses the bomb. Infinity Ward has done a fantastic job at making the game types. Another note about the multiplayer is its leveling system. You earn experience points by either killing enemy players or completing various tasks depending on the game variant. There are also challenges you can complete for extra experience points. You can unlock weapons and perks as you level up. The highest level you can get to is level 55. From there you can prestige. Prestiging means that you loose all of your weapons and perks that you had earned through leveling up. New symbols are unlocked though next to your gamertag showing that you had prestieged.

To me, Call of Duty 4 is one of the greatest games of all time. I highly recommend this game for anyone who is in to first-person shooters and to anyone who can pretty much get their hands on it. On the downside though, it did lack co-op modes for multiplayer and the campaign modes. The local multiplayer is ok and is great for discovering glitches. Thumbs up to Infinity Ward, and be sure to look forward to the next Call of Duty games.