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Call Of Duty 4 Most Played Game I Have.

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The game Call of Duty 4 Monder Warfare is the best game i have played in years. The game is action packed, and multiplayer is amazing. Single player is perfect it fits the game quite nicely for my opinion.

Pros. Multiplayer if you have never played this game online you are missing so much that you might actually ask your self "why haven't i played this game online before?" i will answer for you. Because you A. didnt have internet access B. thought the game was to hard. or C you downloaded the game and thought you could get away with torrents.(sorry) Well my friend Play online its the best part of the game. Graphics are just right, If this game was in Direct X 10 this game would be the most perfect High quality Version of call of duty known to man.

Cons. Somethings that should be fixed but im not sure can. Hackers yes pc owners do have a disadvantage over hackers, Thats why its smart to create your own server there for you can Take out those bad people. Xbox360 owners lucked out(happy playing guys) Key code in use- sometime if your playing online and get disconnected somehow and you try to reconnect there is a faint possiblity that it will say "Key code in use Please Try again Later" the server thinks your still in the game but your actually not so it says your key Code is in use. Xbox 360 owners Lucked out again.

Overall as stated above this is the most played game on my computer todate and i will continue to play this game untill Mondern Warefare 2 is out and even then i will still play this game because its just AMAZING.

Review by CncmasterW