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Call Of Duty 7: Black Ops

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By max4prez on
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The 1 month old game made a big hit! Black Ops from Treyarch is simply amazing! The multiplayer is great and has a lot of new game modes such as combat training, where you can train versus computers and wager match, where you can bid on a match. If you lose, you lose everything, but if you win (You will need to be in 3rd, 2nd, or 1st place to be eligible to get the Black Ops money) you will win the money. Another great aspect of this FPS game is its new maps and weapons. It has many new maps such as Grid, Crysis, Firing Range etc. Treyarch has also added a few new weapons such as the Spectre, MAC, AK74u and many more.

Another fun game mode is the one and only Nazi Zombies. It has 2 new maps named Five which is in the pentagon and Kino which is in theater/mansion. They also kept the random box and added new special weapons such as the Wind gun and Thunder gun. Another thing they added is the Black Ops Arcade known as BOA. It is a fun little game to play, but I personally like the Zombie mode better. The campaign is also fun to play and has a lot of diversified missions. The only downside with it is the difficulty. I found it very easy to finnish the game, but I am a very good FPS player, so it may vary depending on how long you have played CoD.