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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Experience.

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By Jonathan Leach on
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Modern Warfare 2 is the sixth game in the call of duty series. It is made by Infinity Ward which is by far one of my personal favorite game designing companies. Modern Warfare 2 came out November 10th 2009, which just so happens to be the marine corp birthday. I purchased the Prestige Edition of the game the same day it came out at midnight. Since then i have beaten the campaign twice on Veteran difficulty and have gotten every achievement on the game. I have also completely finished the online multiplayer by reaching tenth prestige level seventy. Okay now that you know that I actually know what im talking about its time for the review!


First things first the campaign! I would give the campaign a 8/10 only because they have a wide variety of environment and gameplay missions such as missions where you have to sneak past guards and missions where you have to run through a marketplace with chickens, terrorists, and friendlies. And of course with all good shooting games there is the epic vehicle riding missions! Im Modern Warfare 2 there actually four! you get to ride/drive a snowmobile, a Humvee, a dingy, and a truck. Some things that made me mad about the campaign was that they put some guns/sights that you can't use in the multiplayer experience such as the dragunov and the Aug HBar with a sniper scope.

*Spec Ops*

Spec Ops is one of the stupidest things in the game in my opinion I did get all 69 stars but it was not very fun I'll tell you that! I mean come on Infinity Ward you can do better than that! After experiencing Treyarchs Nazi Zombies mode in Call of Duty Waw which that was the only reason i played that game because the multiplayer was horrible. But that's for a different article I so expected Infinity Ward to really bring it after they saw how succesful Nazi Zombies was but no they really disappointed many people with Spec Ops. I have not met a single person who actually enjoys Spec Ops I mean i get more 10 prestige lobby invites than I get Spec Ops invites! Very disappointed with you Infinity Ward! I give Spec Ops 3/10.

*Multiplayer Experience*

I do really love the online experience of Modern Warfare 2 it is a HUGE improvement from World at War. Most people are pretty nice and fun to chat with while online but i still personally love to play with friends. It is very fun if you have a good tactical team even if you're not really good it's still fun! Some things do need to be taken out of the Multiplayer though such as when you use one man army I don't think the M203 grenade launchers AKA noob tubes should not get replenished because then you get those people who do nothing but M203. I give the Multiplayer Experience 9/10.

Thank you for taking the time to read, I would highly recommend this game if you like First Person Shooters!