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Call Of Duty World At War Nazi Zombies Online

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By Connor Templeton on
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"Call of Duty:World At War" did not live up to its previous game(ModernWarfare). The campaign had a weak story line, was way too short and easy.The online mode was fun but lacked the excitement of COD4.The weapons werent as exciting and the glitches were numerous from jumping into the walls and running around underground racking up and incredible number of kills from jumping and then soaring in to the air giving you the advantage of sniping across the entire map.For the most part the machine guns were never used on the live mode.

Though luckily this game did come with "NaziZombies" a game were hordes of undead nazies swarm at you trying to break into your building while yuo constantly struggle to rebuild the walls and get weapons from the random weapon box. You are also able to play with up to 4 players to keep you alive longer.The second mappack came out which gave you the new map where you can buy perks for your player and also start from 2 different sides.But like the online mode.nazi zombies is full of hundreds of glitches where the zombies cant get to you and forever you can hold them off with a flamethrower until level 5000 on up.

This game is a goodway to keep yourself occupied until the next game "call of duty modern warfare 2"