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Call Of Duty:Finest Hour

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By ewanlumsden on
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Part of the campaign in Afrika

This is the call of duty that made the call of duty series what it is today. Finest hour is set in world war 2, you go a number of characters. There are diffferent locations and the campaign takes's a while to complete due to it's difficulty, even on easy! There are tonnes of epic moments throughout the campaign where you have to raid buildings alongside hundreds of teammates while you are under heavy fire from machine guns.

You meet a woman along the way who is a sniper and is very good at sharpshooting, and a lot of other interesting characters as you travel to Africa and more. The graphics for a PS2 game is amazing and the FPS realism and interactivity with the enviroment around you is great. The guns feel real in your hand and the control system is really easy to work, only bad thing is that you can't sprint.

There is an online multiplayer which is cool! The campaign has smart AI that take cover and shoot you and flank you. You get to go in cars and more along the way and you can use cheat codes for some funny cheats, such as Big heads. The maps are textured and detailed well and it's fun storming rooms.

The game has a lot of guns and there are multiple ways of conquering missions through the campaign. Great game and a must get, you can easily get it for under a fiver nowadays, though it is worth a lot more...

All of the guns featured in the game are real guns that were used in real life combat. The voiceovers are good and the sprite animation is good. There are moments where part's break off the enviroment and you have to dodge them, which makes the game harder. Multiple things may be trying to kill you, including tanks, planes.

In some missions, you get to drive and work a tank, killing hundreds of nazi's as you take over stalingrad as the Russians. This game is a great game and you will get loads of fun out of it. It doesn't have split screen, but online play.

The sounds and background music are good and the out of action bits are good where you are handed rifles and where you are rowing towards the city on a boat, and there is utter chaos around you. Feel's epic, very cinematic but a great game and a classic!